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Let us save the animals by testing on humans.
I have always agreed with human testing. Hey, if they wanna try some experimental lipstick in their eyes, they should be allowed to. All humans have the right to do what they would like to do. If they want to experiment on their body, they have every right to do so. Lead in lipstick is still a thing. Bunny rabbits should not have to suffer for the vanity of people.
Let the trial begin...oh wait they are a year in and it is not looking good. Animal testing is Not the same as human testing .... i am no scientist, i am also not a rabbit.... simple.
If after ten fifteen more likely thirty years there is no negative affects effects side effects repercussions or complications, then maybe ill take the plunge....but not likely. As likely it wont be a problem after such time has passed that it wont be an issue.

Let the trials continue...come what may.


Here is a meme that i came across within the last two years that should be shared. Not my image i am just passing it along to help build the community and have a laugh and a though to which the meme points to.
Source is Mike Rilling .... If it is your work please let me know and i will give credit where credit is due....
What are your thoughts on this meme?

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