GMO Humans on the rise in countries, if they do not die immediately

This might not be what you want to hear
But perhaps those that got injected will be the seed crop (your sterile), for the companies that you injected into your blood. The gene rewriting code that they are trying to distract you from, but most will not. syntsmem1.jpg

Just like those GMO crops, the farmer no longer owns, the land made toxic to any and all other plants that cannot be grown.
You are now a member of the sinkhole land plot known as your body, after that death shot. Aids are on the rise and the glass is setting into your eyes...


For those that can see, can see, and know, and those that took the gmo dna code shot, will never, not, ever, see the world again. Lulled into sleep and being shown the things that they are not, they will not come back from this cliff, they are over already and again and off.


So protect your mind and stave off those that want to consent you into being something you are not. Or take the shot and have noting, and be a not.

Nor mine or yours could ever grant me what i have given to you and you have given to me. So please try and do not deny what you see with your very own eyes.

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