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The meme contest in #slothbuzz discord is still going and @slothlydoesit is starting to mix things up a little bit.


Daily themes for memes was introduced, one of them being Superheroes. I immediately thought of "The Boys" and after some searching found a good pic to base a meme on.

Picture from "The Boys" (2019) - Text by me

I did not like that theme very much 😉

Here are some theme suggestions:

  • Hive
  • Computers
  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Animals

Those themes could even be split into subcategories, e.g. Animals into Cats, Dogs, Ducks, Lions, and so on.

And some more challenging ones:

  • Nature/Weather
  • Landscape
  • Philosophy
  • Disney Princess

Those could be used to slow things down a bit when there's a meme posted every few minutes.


Anyways, the theme before Superheroes was Procrastination. For that I submitted a lucky shot that I was able to get:

Picture and text by me

And after we switched to Superheroes I could add an already prepared one:

Picture and Text by me

But after a while those cat memes take over, others were also adding to that and I decided to go along with a dog meme this time:

Picture and Text by me


In my opinion the idea of themes spiced things up a little bit. I even suggested the most reacted meme to win a price but what I did not think through was that no one would react anymore. Sure, we wanted the daily price for best theme meme so why react to the memes of others if that lowers the chances of our own memes getting the reward?

This contest is supposed to bring activity and broader community and that one backfired a little bit. Live and learn...

Right now there are more details being hammered out to get back on track with more rewards and in between contests. So be on the lookout for posts from @slothbuzz with updates about the contest.

And if you are creating memes anyway, why not post them at #slothbuzz discord just a few seconds before you use it elsewhere? That is fine with the rules. The meme itself just has to be new (be it text or image) and not have been posted anywhere else before. After posting it into the contest you can use it anywhere anytime.


Thanks for reading, I hope I got a few giggles out of you with the memes.

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