Social media screw over


It's starting to look like regulators can't continue to ignore the shit show traditional social media has become, especially after a former Facebook manager has testified to congress and exposed at least in part how unscrupulous those slimy greed bags are. As more of what they are actually about comes to light it's inevitable governments will have to crack down on them, because it has come to a point where the problem can't be swept under the rug anymore, as much as the ignorant politicians would like to.

The opportunity for blockchain based social media is immense, but capitalizing on it definitely won't be easy as proven by the long and tumultuous journey Hive has been on, just to give an example. There is a lot of development that has to take place before critical mass will be achieved and everybody and their dog will start using crypto, but I'm fine with that because it means more time for some good old fashioned bag filling.

Speaking of filling bags, the recent Hive pump was super awesome but I'll meme about it tomorrow. It's funny how there are periods where nothing of note happens and I struggle to find funny meme ideas, then all of a sudden everything happens at once and I can't meme about if fast enough :P

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