Small town tomfoolery

For more than a decade I lived in one of the biggest city in my country. While living in a big city definitely has it ups, it also has a lot of downs. Some are small like: parking spots being full almost all the time, hellish traffic, malls and parks being perpetually crowded, etc. The final nail in the coffin was the absolutely ridiculous property prices, meaning that I would have to struggle a lot just to afford a place of my own. So I said "fudge it" and decided to move to a much small town.

There were of course a lot of people who would raise at least one eyebrow after finding out I moved from one of the most hyped city in the country to the middle of freaking nowhere. The initial confusion is usually follow up by a lot of questions in order to try to understand an apparent strange decision. And in that storm of "why", "but that's a great city that you left behind" and so on, I have to practice a lot of restrain, in order not to give ridiculous answers like in the meme above.

Small town living isn't without it's challenges of course. If you don't own a car it's like being stranded in the middle of the ocean without a boat. In a large city you at least have the option of rubbing shoulders with the filthy pebs on public transport. However I hate most bipedal bastards so it's cool driving around and not having to interact with them, and I say that despite gas prices being pretty high, nothing is free after all.

Some would point out that small town life can get real boring real fast, but I'm more of an outdoors type of guy so I don't care about what most people would call "entertainment". It's not like I ever enjoyed night clubs or cinemas for example. The less places to bump into annoying humans the better.

The few times you interact with people especially older men, you'll find out that alcohol is the main form of hydration in small towns, so a lot of people walk around tipsy as they normal way of functioning. I guess it's an Eastern European thing, and as much as I dislike it there is no easy way to avoid it unless you avoid people altogether.

In conclusion my life got a lot more rural and quieter, but I'll spend a lot of time driving around to get to places so there is always a compromise to be made when changing things up in a radical manner.

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