Posting predicaments


For those with a more jittery disposition: I don't have suicidal thoughts but the template was too dank to change that bit, so I left it like that for the shits and giggles. What I do have sometimes are conflicting thoughts, especially when it comes to how much time I should spend on chain doing stuff, bearing in my mind that I often find myself strapped for time. A part of me feels super excited for Hive and wants to accumulate all the coins before it goes to the moon and earning becomes much more difficult with more competition. The other part of my brain is like: remember how disappointed you were when Hive/steem scraped the bottom for so many years? yeah, that could happen again and you'll have to wait who knows how long for your efforts to be worth anything.
I think most people are leaning towards the starting phase of fomo-ing about Hive, which is awesome if I'm reading things correctly, although I have seen some big whales powering down and that kinda puts a break on my enthusiasm. Whatever happens, it should be spectacular :P

Ps: this is my first post in the memehive community, let's see how this goes :)

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