To this day I don't really get the NFT craze, maybe I've gotten to the stage where my brain can only process memes and other complex analytical functions have been abandoned due to limited bandwidth :) The things that perplex me the most about NFts is how god dam ugly some of them are. Of course art is subjective and all that but still, there are examples that look like pixelated puke while others are just disturbing.

The only thing which is clear to me is that there are a lot of monies to be made with NFTs but I don't like to gamble my hard earned crypto on stuff that I don't understand. It feels like paying for something I have no interest in or time to properly research, only because it's some unique shit that might become sought after in the future. Besides the investment aspect I'm not a fan of collecting digital stuff, for me collectibles are physical things.

Anyway I guess unique crap is still unique and people love that kind of stuff, and are also willing to pay some hefty amounts for the privilege. While looking up NTFs for this meme I stumbled about a whole subgenre that is geared towards a more "adult" audience shall we say, and fortunately for my eyes some are not just giant colored pixels, so you could say I enjoyed that part of the "research" process. But they were far to close to being NSFW for me to incorporate into a meme. I like to keep it somewhat family friendly.

Please feel free to lecture me and explain how much of an ignorant pleb I am for not seeing the potential in NFTs :)

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