My go to place during bear markets


I find it odd that despite so many years of existence, people still don't understand how crypto works and talk about it like it will go bust every time the bear market comes around. An example of this attitude being this article by the Wall Street Journal, which unfortunately is not entirely accessible to the casual pleb reader unless you subscribe to their very "insightful" publication.

My immediate reaction to a title like "The Crypto Party is Over" would be: you have no fricking clue how crypto works my dude. The party is just beginning in the bear market. Sure there are no fireworks and most guests haven't arrived yet but there is a lot to be done in preparation for said party. And just like in the party analogy there is a lot of accumulating and investing to be done during the bear market or else you won't have anything to celebrate when the action starts again. It's pretty basic stuff if even a retarded clown can wrap his last brain cell around the concept.

But the big brains on Wall Street like to pretend it's all a bubble and it will go back to $0 which of course won't happen no matter how much they enjoy spreading the FUD around. On the flip side I'm not gonna deny the wild west aspect of crypto with all the scams and baseless hype, but that also comes with great opportunity as well, so there is a kind of trade off. Most people just focus on the part they like or suits them, but like in any jungle you can discover a lost city of riches or get eaten by a jaguar. It's up to each person to choose his or hers path and try to educate themselves on the rules of the game.

On the buying and investing front I was almost thinking of getting some HBD out of savings in my alt account to buy me some cheap Hive, but the cheeky little bastard is proving way more resilient than expected and not mirroring bitcoin's continuing fall. Which is a very good sign that there is significant interest around the 30 cents level. I'm waiting for at least 20 cents before I'll whip out my HBD stash and start buying.

I tried to find some more info on the picture I used for the meme but it proved a bit difficult. Only info I got was on flipping pinterest which is renowned for historical accuracy ... or not. But I really wanted to know what "goldbricks" alludes to because in my mind it could have been a poo joke, like people intentionally doing a number 2 on that crying bench to stink up the place for the poor sod going there to cry. Like a dark and cruel humor kind of thing. Apparently a goldbrick is "A person, especially a soldier, who avoids assigned duties or work". So basically no pretending, only actual suffering is tolerated, kind of harsh to be honest :)

Fortunately clowns don't have feelings so I'm don't have to worry about suffering too much in this bear market just have to be patient and buy some Bitcoin and Hive at bargain prices.

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