Market innocence

I've been reading some optimistic takes on the current market trajectories in the past few weeks but to this old buffoon what we are experiencing now feels just like the calm before the storm. Inflation has been record breaking in many parts of the world, climate change it's finally showing it's ugly face and starting to have more of an impact in economic activities than we would like to acknowledge; and all this while in the background governments are throwing more and more money into stuff that goes boom rather than focusing on restarting the economy after the virus thingy.

So if all this fills you with confidence that people will be willing to throw money left right and center on crypto just because the fiat printing machine goes brrrr, I guess you should get that PhD in Optimism while you can. Of course I would love nothing more than to experience a super massive bull run that will allow me to sell Hive at $100 so that I'll be able to retire early. But reality has bit me in the ass enough times that I've learned by now to distinguish day dreaming from actually having a plan and being prepared for likely scenarios.

You could say that I'm just a retarded clown that has no idea how crypto works and that bitcoin's fall to the 21k level is temporary. But there are people blessed with more neurons than me that are seeing signs things might not be all sunshine and rainbows, like in this article for example.

What I'm getting at is that being prepared for wherever the market goes is the best idea in crypto. I'm as ready to load up on Hive at 20 cents as I am on taking profits if a pumps pushes Hive to $2. Or you can ignore all this and just focus on loading up on as many different flavors of magic internet money as you can get your hands on, if you throw enough shit at the wall some of it will stick.

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