Hive island


In the past I've talked about how cool it would be if Hive stakeholders would use some of their profits during a good bull run like the one we're having now to create an fund for purchasing a cool little island. Imagine a place were we could buy everything with Hive and meet fellow plebs we've known online for years. And of course say thank you in person to all the nice whales that help keep clowns like me motivated to post everyday, it would be nice to finally hang out with some of my benefactors in real life.

I think most would find it interesting to see how a small island economy would function solely on crypto and what kind of lessons might be learned from such an experiment, because I'm sure there would be a lot of interesting hurdles to overcome. Also decentralized governance could be put to the test in real life along with many other ideas.

Not to mention the marketing opportunities could finally put Hive on the map both physically and in terms of popularity and mass adoption. The whole thing could become the coolest experience in the crypto world, because to the best of my knowledge there's no place on Earth that has replaced fiat with crypto completely.

I expect most sane people to just laugh at these ideas, which is totally fine, I'm here to entertain after all :). But who knows, maybe there are people out there that are crazy enough to actually turn this crypto dream into reality.

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