Ducking the market


Curious if any of you smart cookies can tell me if this is the start of the bear market or not because my slice of pizza is getting soggy and I don't feel like getting my feathers wet yet. I'm debating with myself if I should change my mindset to the "I don't give a flying fudge anymore because everything is worthless anyway", yeah I have a switch titled that inside my head.

Is is worth it to keep hoping there might still be one last hurrah before the markets start being boring again for a few years ? that's the main question that's in my mind right now.

On a more happy note I have a bit more to go and I'll get to the 400 HBD mark in the savings department ( on my alt account ). The 12% APR on that is the only thing that feels satisfying right now. Wish it had one more zero to it but I did my best to gather as much as I could since the summer, so no regrets on that front.

I can't swim in real life by the way so if I were a duck I would definitely cling to anything that floats :)) I guess clowns are not known for their swimming abilities.

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