Crypto smiles


The bull run ( or runs - math is not my strong suit) for all it's excitement has a lot of challenges as well, one of them is watching everything expect the coins you hold going to the moon. Or at least that's what it looks like sometimes and this increases the probability of taking profits way too soon. As the fumbling buffoon that I am, of course I'm also guilty of doing the same in the past, and the temptation of selling at the first half decent pump remains there even though I try my best to learn and improve. Waiting for many years to see your portfolio grow in value can create a certain amount of pressure to "finally" make the waiting worth it.

The people that truly get ahead are the ones that set targets for when they want to sell and adhere to them religiously. Or you could hodl everything and just watch your coins become worthless again in the bear market without growing your wealth much, that's always an option but it's not a fun one.

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