Crypto neighbors


A while ago people were pretty happy about Hive being a few ranks above steem in market cap but things have changes quite a bit in recent weeks so it's a bit strange I don't see much celebrating. Hive has been sitting pretty around $1 and holding on to it's position in the top 200 coins while "the other coin" has lost a lot of ground in terms of both market cap and dollar value. Maybe Sunny boy has run out of money to artificially pump the price.

But fear not, the crypto clown is on the case ready to enjoy the misfortune of Hive's redheaded step brother, because karma comes knocking sooner or later, and for all the bad things Sunny boy did to the Hive community I'm sure karma is gonna knock with a sledge hammer and catch him with his pants down. In the meanwhile he can look at how Hive is prospering while steem will only sink to new lows.

Some of you might think that it's not nice to laugh at the misfortunes of others but I'm gonna enjoy that shit and lol all the way to the bank. Clowns are evil mofos anyway :D

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