Crypto adaptations


The crypto world is sort of similar to a warzone: there are long periods where nothing happens followed by short moments of panic when prices either go way up or way down and you have to make important decisions without faffing about too much. Adjusting to the market cycles takes time and a certain degree of patience and discipline.

Getting comfortable with the idea that there will almost inevitably be screw ups also helps, timing the moments for buying and selling perfectly is a super human skill, or at least it looks like that from the average pleb's perfective. And it's something I struggle with to this day, after more than 4 years of being involved with virtual monies. I tend to look back and think about the what ifs, "what if I waited more", "what if I took advantage of that opportunity", "what if ... " ; not the most healthy mindset but I'm slowly making progress with how I approach these situations.

In the end adapting to the crypto environment means cold, calculated decisions and not following the hype blindly. Or you can let emotions take over and revel in a perpetual state of plebitude :)

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