Clowning conundrum

The last few months have not been the best when it comes to posting a lot, long gone are the days when I was making a post everyday and clowning about crypto consistently. Now I have to gather all my scattered brain cells and make them focus for a few hours in order to produce something remotely funny and coherent. Sometimes I wonder if I should adopt the new title of whining wisecracker because of how often I complain about stuff but I'll let my adoring fans be the judge of that.

The truth of the matter is that justifying the time spent making these post is pretty hard because even after 2 years of posting somewhat consistently I still feel like a bottom-feeding pleb. Meaning that I just scrape by and my main rewards are making people smile with my shenanigans - which is still nice but far from the goal.

That being said, Hive remains the best blockchain out there when it comes to making magic internet money, with all it's drawbacks ( which are many ) included. It's just that if you are not in the "cool kids club" you are stuck earning penis... I mean pennies. But if you have a busy life, the time you spend scraping the bottom of the barrel on Hive, trying to increase your bag of not-actually-but-sort-of-money can appear like a bit of a waste. Sure, it's better compared to Hive's alternatives, though they are pretty shitty so that's not saying a whole lot.

Of course I think I made my fair share of mistakes, one of them is powering down a lot. Even though all that Hive went to my alt account where most of it is powered up and part of a curation trail, not on exchanges or dumped at ridiculously low prices. But I think some looked at the powering down bit and found it questionable. And here lies another problem: the big players never tell you where you could change things up and earn more. You are left stumbling in the dark trying to find a formula that works.

I promised myself when I started meme-ing consistently on this account 2 years ago that I won't ever just disappear because that's lame as fudge. This is isn't my retiring post but it is a " I'll see you around from time to time" post. Because life is getting pretty busy again I'll be posting mainly on the weekends, and of course you can find me clowning around in the comment sections of other shenanigans enjoyers.

If you are new to Hive you can sign up here:

hive blockchain.png

Also if you want to help a clown out and earn some crypto while doing that here are some other links:


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