Can I haz all the coins ?


People say you can't lose money in a bull run, and sometimes I envy the nice profits some make with quick swings, but that takes brain power and as you all know I'm down to my last couple of brain cells so I have to take it easy with the intellectual stuff :)

These days it's tempting to buy stuff during apparent pull backs but this is the strangest bull run I've ever seen so knowing myself I would definitely buy at the top and be stuck with all sort of shitcoins for quite a while if not years just waiting to sell at a minimum profit.

Instead I'm enjoy the large amount of HBD I'm earning since Hive has gone ballistic. It would be nice to get at least 1000 HBD before the bull run ends so I could enjoy that sweet 10% APY and when the moment is right buy some discounted Hive.

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