Blockchain babes


I've never been much of a ladies man ( shocking I know) so please don't take dating advice from me :) I do have two PhDs and 5 master's degrees in trolling and shitposting though ,so you can definitely learn a thing or two in that department.

Speaking of trolling, it's a bit dangerous telling people that you would sell Hive to buy the "coin that shall not be named", because some people might take you seriously and nothing is more hated by hiveians than "the other chain" and its leader Sunny boy. But at least Hive is in front of it's "evil twin" on coinmarketcap and that's always a plus in my books. Even if the price action hasn't been anything too exciting in the last few days for Hive, the fact that it's staying ahead of "the competition" it satisfying on its own.

I think I should also get a PhD in nicknaming things, since I managed to not say the name of the "legacy blockchain" and its coin while also throwing some mandatory shade at it :)

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