4D Chess


Forget about 3D chess, crypto feels like 4D chess sometimes because some moves might prove to be pure divine inspiration and others might turn out to be retarded beyond believe. For example there are some peeps that keep pointing out the bullish signs like whales continuing to accumulate bitcoin, so are we going to see another significant bull run? should I buy some bitcoin with a part of my stable coin stash or will I get rekt like the ignorant pleb that I am ?

If it's only downhill from here maybe I should convert all my Hive to HBD and enjoy that sweet APR until Hive will be super cheap again and then I'll be able to load up on it. But I'll bet my ass that if I do that Hive's price will skyrocket, because that's how the crypto Gods treat buffoons when they make bold moves.

Of course the best decision might be no decision: just keep scraping along everyday like I'm doing right now. However leveraging the markets to increase the old bags is the only efficient way to ever get to that elusive goal of financial independence. I'm sure looking back, the right decisions will be obvious, that's why I'm trying my best at least not to screw up. Spending the entire bear market thinking about the "what ifs" doesn't sound fun at all.

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