Brew Glitter Commercial With Behind the Scenes

Like many other entertainment professionals, after the COVID pandemic and back to back strikes in the entertainment industry, I found myself looking for work for over six months and decided to pivot to a new kind of employment in order to make ends meet in the listings department of an excellent company, JDI Distribution. Thankfully, this part time, making-ends-meet-gig has become a fulltime job, allowing my family and I to have some regularity and predictability when it comes to work.

While there, I've been able to utilize my filmmaking talents and skills to direct the first of its kind commercial for their brand Brew Glitter, an edible glitter for your beverages!

A little behind the scenes action while on set for the commercial. Dan Wyland was kind enough to DP for us, making the whole project look as beautiful as it does. Thank you, Dan!

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