Some fine lighting!

I’ve been busy buying new lights!


In fact, I actually bought them 5 weeks ago. It’s just taken that long to be sourced and shipped to me!
(I blame Brexit 🙄)

But it’s a beautiful set, super profesh, well worth the wait.

2 x Aputure 120d ii lights, with stands, reflector hoods, remotes and barn doors. (and a big ass indestructible case for extra measure)


I paid for a full set with a case that has separators. Seemed to make sense to get the full set as I wanted a hard case with wheels. I didn’t expect the case to be such a beast with ‘120d’ on it but it’s pretty cool.



I chose 120d ii for a few reasons, being size, build quality over say the Amaran series, super quiet fan noise and lighting effects/remote.



Annoyingly the set came with the wrong power cables.
I think the ones that came has US ones. But the retailer has fixed this and they’re being delivered today.

I’m really looking forward to putting these through their paces.

The last lights I bought that I still use today I got about 5 years ago. I think I paid 500 for a set of three LED spots, with reflectors hoods and honeycombs. I already had stands.

These the exact lights, on a project a couple of years ago.


They’re showing signs of age and I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t last another year or so.
But they are versatile and I’ve used them on many many video projects.

Lighting is key to the look you want to achieve with your film, so let’s try some new things with these new Aputure badboys!

Does anyone else have experience with these lights?