Music video // Carol Hodge // Dir. ashtv

Presenting a video I shot, produced and directed for independent UK rock pop singer songwriter Carol Hodge and her proper ace track Moan Of A Thousand Years


Please watch below in all its tasty 4K glory!

I’m really pleased with how the edit turned out with this video.
We shot everything in the final video in ONE day. And I think I edited and delivered it in approx 2 days.
A remarkably quick turnaround project indeed!

The visual transition moments in the video worked real nice too. They add a magical flow to the proceedings. Luckily the band were fantastic to shoot with. Not only being lovely humans but also they all looked comfortable and really cool on camera.

The track is taken from her freshly released album ’The Crippling Space Between’.


It’s a real big sounding album, with huge hooky melodies and honest lyrics that have a huge emotional punch.
Really great stuff.


If you’re interested you can read a little about the making of the video right here

I talked about the filming process (what camera/rig and lighting) as well as some of the ideas and style I wanted to go for etc.

It would be great to get some feedback on here about the final video from those who showed interest in the original BTS post 😀
@victorbz @steevc @edprivat @vincentnijman @rubido @tdctunes

Cheers all 🍻

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