My Simple Makeup look for Weekend.


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Today I am coming with my another blog about my new makeup look. By doing this makeup I was trying all red. Red is my favourite colour. So always I try to make a look with the color of Red. Finally, I made a look reddish with my new makeup. I also added the makeup tools which I used to do this makeup perfectly below.


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Makeup Items

  • Foundation: Too Faced born this way warm beige.

  • Concealer: Too faced born this way Concealer (natural beige).

  • Primer: ELF Cosmetics putty primer.

  • Brows: Benefit Cosmetics kabrow (4.5)

  • Eyeshadow: Tarte Cosmetics tarlette palette Flirt.

  • Blush: Flower Beauty Flower pots wild rose.

  • Highlighter: Ofra Cosmetics Rodeo drive highlighter

  • Liner: Inglot Cosmetics gel liner (77)

  • Eyelashes: Blinqle.

  • Lipstick: Mac Cosmetics Flat out fabulous.

All of these products are bought from Bangladesh. Some of them are bought from international brand and some of them I collect locally.

I took total four perfect picture with this look. Actually I captured more than 20 picture with this look but I found only four perfect shot. So I am going to share those four picture with you.

At first I pose normally. In this picture I smiled like a happy soul. I took a pose handling my waist with my hands. Also put a red sunglass on my dress neck. The red towel surrounding my hair made this picture more beautiful. Then I set a timer for 5 second. 1,2,3,4 and cut... Wow I get a perfect shot at the beginning.


I like to take dramatically pose. So I tried to take different pose to take another capture. In this picture I made a attitude like a innocent girl ( Yes, I'm a innocent girl as well ). I look at the camera as I am a cute baby girl. Then I put my left hand on my ear and right hand handling the waist. Wow, another perfect shot I got.


In this picture, finally I wear the red sunglass. I took about 5 shot but I couldn't satisfy with them. Finally I got this picture. In this picture looked like a detective wearing red sunglass. Even I love this shot most among of all.


This is my last pose with this Reddish look. I thought How would I look if I doing pout. Finally I take a shot with pout looking other side. How am I looking in this picture?


So my photo session was perfectly done by me. None help me for that. I took these photo myself. Hope you will enjoy these pictures. I'm not a professional makeup artist. But every time I want to do something creative to take a better look. I did makeup for traditional outlook on my previous blogs. You can check those blog to know about my makeup skill. If there is anything wrong in my blogs then please let me know with your respective comments. I need your advice to be a great Hiver. Hope you will support me as always.

Thanks for supporting me. Nowadays I am so happy to see everyone's response on my blogs. I want to write more and more on HIVE. Specially thanks to @appreciator @instagram-models @hive-151070 and so on who always support me with their valuable upvote.

Photos were taken with Vivo v9 youth Android Device. Edited with PicsArt app

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