My lovely octopus |Bodypainting

I had a lot of fun doing this bodypainting. I missed feeling the brushes touching my skin and I know that doing face art is like therapy for me.

octopus (2).jpg

octopus (1).jpg

I thought about one of my favourite animals :the octopus. Maybe it sounds odd to you that one day I dream about having a big tank with a mini octopus in it, surrounded by fishes and other sea creatures. I am in love with the sea life and anything connected to it.

octopus (3).jpg

octopus4 (4).jpg

I wanted a more artistic represention of this beautiful creature and I enjoyed having fun with colours. It took me around 4 hours to finish it and boy did this swim in the shower after taking it off haha.

octopus4 (3).jpg

octopus4 (2).jpg

I tried different backgrounds and I think that my style of bodypainting looks good on black background, it makes the colours pop.

octopus4 (1).jpg

octopus4 (5).jpg

Have a splendid day and toodle loo!