Python Beem Project: Fugly Friends List Is Very Easy Part 1

I use Esteem for Hive on Desktop and mobile but I am not a big fan of their "Followers" and "Following" list.

I mean these lists work and they are not that bad... I just feel like something is missing and not too useful to me.
Hive itself has it's own follow, follower lists but I am not into that design either.
So I kind of wanted to see what it takes make those list myself.

Beem library

Beem has a ton of features so that getting a list of followers or following is very easy.
It literary takes a few minutes to get those lists.

account = Account('tomoyan')
followers = account.get_followers()
following = account.get_following()

Beem makes things very simple and easy. Only 3 lines of codes is what it take to get all my "friends" info.
My fugly list was pretty much done in 5 - 10 minutes.

I would like to organize my friends list so that I want to see who I am following and who are following back and vice versa... so I added a little flag in there too.

Design is hard

My list is so UGLY! I am not a design person and I don't have much art or color in me so making things pretty is the hardest thing for me.
But I like a good design though...
Ugh I can't even look at my list, plus there are some missing functions that I want to implement later on.

My design inspiration comes from Twitter UI.

I kind of like this design. It's got follow/unfollow features and the flag to tell me that who is following me and of course I can see the friends list with pictures.

My design

Honestly I am not sure if I am doing good or I am on the right path since I don't know the modern frontend technology, what frameworks and tools to use.
So my stuff is pretty much straight up HTML, CSS and javascript... and took a whole day to get to this point. It is not the prettiest UI or anything but I think it is a huge step up from the ugly list.

Backend took 10 minutes.
Frontend took 10 hours.

I know why I like backend more than frontend... 😆

to be continued...

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