Our 3D-printing studio is working from morning till night. Even if we don't have any orders, we print many new things for our home and our boy who likes unique toys.

What's our news?

✨We've tried new types of filament.
✨We've bought new colours of it.
✨We've tried new type of printing - 2 coloured one. It means we've a 2-coloured item in result, and to get it we need to catch the moment when we change the filament without pauses in printing.
It requires much attention but it's worth it. It looks much better.

Now some photos of our work

it's a toy that has become very popular - we've printed about a dozen of it already
It's an immortal cube that can be transformed into different forms nonstop! it magnets attention and make you relax fast

technical items for repair of mechanisms at the fruit factory

repair of a washing machine
a black one is our 3d-printed item

my love! my new flower pot;)
this boot is soso cute, I liked him at once!
but we needed 7 hours to print it....

it's a lovely Cheburashka - a famous Russian cartoon character

our hit - a frog that can swim in water very funny
it's a flexi toy that is rather popular in the world
we added eyes to it and it looks so cool now!

we even make names there if it's a gift to a kid

it's a new button for a suicase

and it's our 2-coloured printing toy - a dragon

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