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I appreciate you extending the kind words and apology. I'm not upset with anyone here, and I feel I overreacted a bit at the time.

I find it to be unfortunate that you guys are having disagreements and really hope there is some resolve to be had regarding the situation.

I think a function like being able to post in various communities with one post would alleviate problems like this, because I have no objection to posting in both of these communities, and just think it would be nice if a post could be seen in more than one community, like a maximum of 3-5 communities maybe. Just a thought but I think currently that is not possible.

@schlees mentioned something about cross posting but I don't fully comprehend the cross posting stuff. Is that a way to share posts in different communities?

Despite the disagreement you guys are having, I'm happy to support both communities side by side how ever I can, and would by happy to maintain a moderator position in your community @holovision.

For now I would be happy to alternate my posts between the two communities if this sounds alright with you guys, as a way to support both and take a neutral stance on this. I'm trying to step up my posting rate anyway and this will help with that in a sense.

Overall I just hope you guys can work things out.

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