Baby's First Mace!

The library district owns a few Dremel 3D printers, and one of them rotated into my branch a couple weeks back. Patrons can print anything they want, and just pay for the filament used.

While browsing Thingiverse for things I could print, I ran across this file. My niece will now be the best baby barbarian she can be!


There were a few issues with the silver parts of the print. The overhangs are a bit beyond what the printer can handle without some stringiness and other odd artifacts. Along with proper epoxy adhesive or chemical welding, I will need to file a few places. Still, it went fairly well.


I started with two sets of the "peas" file while making sure the new spool of pink filament fed properly. Ten seemed better than just five for the rattle anyway.

The handle is a simple shape. Nothing remarkable to report. I did set all files with a thicker wall than typical, though. We are raising a warrior maiden, after all, so it must be STRONG so she will also be STRONG!


I chose the sealed mace head to make sure no choking hazard could exist even if the parts broke apart. That meant pausing the print after it closed off the bottom, adding the "peas," and resuming the print. No problems occurred here. Smart printer is smart.

Now I need to test some scrap PLA to find the best adhesive. The first picture is just a dry fit. I already know super glue is too brittle. What else have you used? Chime in with a comment!

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