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Thanks. That's all I needed to say about that at this time. Feel free to alternate post in whatever ratio you want between the communities.

I haven't done a cross post in awhile. This is my understanding but I don't guarantee my understand is 100% accurate:

After making a post to a community you can go back to the post and in the options beyond edit and delete there is cross post. You can cross post to communities you are subscribed to.

I am 95% sure cross posts don't get rewards for upvotes and I am somewhat sure the replies for each post go to both posts.

I kind of understand the logic. You can tag tribes so the post shows up in multiple tribes but you can't tag two or more #hive-.... because some communities aren't moderated well or are abandoned and it would likely become a spam post issue. Tribes are generally moderated well except I think probably infowars and blogtoken being a few of the exceptions.

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