Messing with resin, PART DEUX!!!

Hey there! If you thought my last post was pretty awesome, that was just the beginning! Playing around with swapping resin was fun, and it gave me an idea.

"Could I put liquid resin in a print, and then cure it? What would that do?"

Now, before I could truly test this, I needed a ring that would be conducive to this! I had in mind the plan to make a ring for my brother, who is a doctor. The caduceus, or Staff of Hermes, is frequently associated with doctors. So I had to add that to the model. I took my template class ring design, and threw this together:


One thing I made sure of was the caduceus in the middle needed to rise up to just a wee bit below the lip of the ring. The mini caduceus shapes around the lip were curved at the top and bottom. Nice little touch, little extra flair. And then the beveled triangles to offset the shapes. It's simple, it gets the job done, and I like it. The ring printed pretty quick, and I hit it with some of my Elegoo water washable resin in blue. The results


The blue simply isn't blue enough. I also fucked up the band while trying to remove it from the cured supports. But this was a test, so I'm not super worried about making mistakes. But the concept was certainly there!

So I tried again, using the same resin in red. This time, the result was much more pronounced!


The darker resin made all the difference here. I'm going to pick up some blue resin dye to try and darken it a little bit before making one for my brother. Red just doesn't work for this symbol. That said, I could totally do a red like this for, say, a sharingan? I could totally add some black underneath, make the lines really pop! Curing it multiple times wouldn't be bad, either.

One other thing I noticed is that there were air bubbles that slowly made their way out of the loops in the caduceus over time. I really need to let the resin sit uncured for about 6 hours before I finally cure the rings. Give the bubbles time to get out. But beyond that, I think I might have stumbled upon a fun new technique!

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