Proposal: New Custom JSON Standard for Reactions/Emojis

I've been waiting a long time to make this post. 😅


Basically, what I've done on is that I combined emojis with upvotes.


You can set a certain percentage to emojis, which when used as reaction on a post/comment, will also result in an upvote (if enabled).

This makes it (hopefully) super easy to i.e. reward comments on your posts.


To showcase emojis across frontends though, we need to save this data within in hive and make it accessible via hivemind.

Right now, reactions/emojis can (and are) already written to Hive via Custom JSONS, but there isn't a way to get a list of reactions for a specific post.

For inji, I have to do it quick and dirty and save the votes on Hive posts/comments within the database. Would be much better and cleaner to receive reactions either as a separate Hivemind call or within the post-object.

Possible Solution

    id: `reaction`, // example
    requiredPostingAuths: [user], // string - i.e. therealwolf
    json: {
      app, // string
      user, // string
      author, // string
      permlink, // string
      reaction, // string
      emoji, // string - i.e. ❤
      timestamp // date - ie. moment.utc().valueOf(),
    requiredAuths: [],



    required_auths: [],
    required_posting_auths: ['brianoflondon'],
    id: 'reaction',

I named the id reaction, but it could theoretically also be named emoji or something else.

Another question would be whether this should be integrated directly into Hivemind or a HAF specific project.

Looking forward to your feedback!


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