The Hive 'Petty Cash' Account


The petty cash account is an account to hold funds that will be distributed for small-scale B2B style needs.


The goal is for this account to reach 10,000 HBD through the DHF, have a portion of it converted into HIVE, and be used. Once it is close to being drained, a new DHF proposal will be put up to fill it up.

Examples of possible use

  • Exchange listing promotional events such as trading competitions
  • Promotions that are run between Hive and its strategic partners
  • Article and press release payments to publishing outlets
  • Minor printed promotional needs such as Hive-branded pens, lanyards, etc.
  • Payments for submissions to awards or conference speaker opportunities
  • Miscellaneous incidentals (to be clearly outlined as they come up)

What it is not for

  • Payments for exchange listings
  • Contests among Hive users that are specific to only Hive
  • Salaries and personal payments for contributions
  • Sponsoring Hive outreach get-togethers
  • Server or development costs
  • Marketing for Dapps or individual projects


As the account needs to not only be properly managed but also have redundancy in respect to access in case of emergency, a total of five keyholders exist.

The account was created by @Guiltyparties who is a key holder and is responsible for recovery as trustee.

@Blocktrades, @Crimsonclad, @Smooth, and @Theycallmedan are the additional keyholders. All have the full set of keys.

It is unlikely that all of these individuals will need to use the account as only a few deal with matters that fit the possible use cases.


This account is not part of the currently-active marketing relationship with Ignite Visibility. It is a supplementary account for unrelated matters that fit its scope.

Account Use

All transfers made from the account must be made to another Hive account. They may not go directly to an exchange. This is for the purposes of tracking.

All transfers will be made with a clear memo as to the purpose of the transfer and it's ultimate destination. For example:
$100 equivalent in HBD for Hive article on 123 Name Publication | Price current to [date][source of price] | Paid by [name]

Where the payment is for something too complex to be clear in a simple memo, a post will accompany it and the transaction ID of the post will be included in the memo.

Non-Keyholder Use

Hive members who are not keyholders should comment on the account's posts with an outline of their needs, which should fit the scope. These should be minor and not fitting of a full DHF proposal. Where the issue is confidential, such as with exchanges, please go directly to @Crimsonclad or @Guiltyparties or email the account.

Intended use: you are presenting at a professional conference about Hive and wish to give out Hive-branded pens that are responsibly priced.
Not intended use (will be declined): you are presenting at a professional conference about Hive and want your room/board paid.


The final accountability for this account at this time rests with @Guiltyparties. Should that change, that will be announced.


This account requests 10,000 HBD in this funding round and proposal.


If the account is unneeded for some reason (a better solution exists), all balance in it will go back to the DHF.

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