Our users are still confused about HiveSigner

I have shared much of this feedback directly with @good-karma by video months ago apparently there was an update recently but I don't have a side by side to see what changed... seems the same.

I want to share this as a post because maybe myself and our new users are way off base or we're all idiots. Maybe there really is no issue and we should just be smarter

Anyway I'll share the screenshot with my notes.
We have chosen to support Hivesigner on PeakD.com and Peakmonsters.com ... so I have a vested interest in this experience getting better and I think it starts with the first page.


The biggest thing is to put yourself in the shoes of someone BRAND NEW ... not someone who's been around for 4 years is a developer and interacts with the software already every day. There is just way too many things that are not clear.

It's all about AMBIGUITY

What username? ... Am i creating one? Is this a username i'm supposed to already have specifically for hivesigner? Is this a Hive username? Just put the word Hive next to it and you put out the fires before they start... you answer the questions with one word.

Why call it private key? Who in the world even knows how to find their public keys... they can go to hiveblocks website and maybe find them or use keychain to find them... and realize that NO hive application in the world asks a user for public keys. Just call them Hive Keys.

This is your chance to educate everyone how cool your application is. (technologically speaking)
They have no clue that you're not saving their keys in some server... tell them you're saving them right there on their computer. Tell them THEY are saving their keys and they're also encrypted. It's amazing!! Why not tell them!! It's awesome it makes them feel good and safe.

In fact the page needs a title and maybe that's what it should be called. "Safely store your Hive keys" but that's not true because only the checkbox does that perhaps.
They will know that the end result of this page that they're on is what...? To store their Hive keys. Or maybe log into the application.
If that's what this page is all about call it that. The page has zero recap explaining why the user is there.
"Login using HiveSigner" ... that's also an option

it's fine to use the word "Hive" a bunch... it's a site for saving and helping users transact on... HIVE!!


Actually probably doesn't matter what you or I think... it matters what new users think. I haven't done a test of a new user in a month or two... we're waiting on some big design changes. But this page hasn't changed much and last time I tested it they were very confused.

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