Communities Brainstorming Challenge: Feedback Compiled


This is a follow-up of: @guiltyparties/communities-brainstorming-challenge

Your feedback is now recorded on Gitlab for developer consideration and further discussion. I kept what I could keep verbatim but in some cases I had to slightly modify statements to make them clear. I also took from comments where I could.

This is only Round 1 of communities-focused feedback and more rounds are expected to guide the upcoming development and optimization of the feature.

Feel free to join the discussion in Gitlab or add your idea here in comments if I missed your input or you have new input.

Key points:

  • Additional moderation features and capabilities (muting users out of communities, potentially through the use of the blacklist feature)
  • Chat capability
  • Governance tools (electing moderators, hive-# account with multi-sig capabilities, governance structure within the communities, funding options)
  • Content discovery and sorting (sub-tagging, ordering within communities)
  • Management tools (ability to set beneficiaries, ability to set max payout for posts in community)
  • Statistics
  • Gamification of communities
  • Translator tool


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