old life with peakd is blooming again for the future with @adimantong's blog

Good evening my old friend Tonight I want to participate again in the peakd application as a form of re-trial after failing a few months ago so I want to change history with you for that I expect support from you old friends and new friends. The hive failure last month was very painful for me because many posts lacked support and even worse got downvotes from a number of peakd/hive users when my posts soared on the blog and peakd application history.

These night the hive's performance has really frustrated me to develop a very useful project but due to the lack of support from a project I have worked so hard to create tonight I don't want to repeat the same thing I'm tired of making long project summaries but not supported by this community. The goal tonight is to make a post, which is just an advice so that the hive application is more developed in the future, the more users who join, the more benefits for the hive application in the future.



The more support from users, the higher the hive community will fly in the eyes of Android users so I really hope for the support of all of you. Therefore, as a hive member who cares about the development of this community, I invite all users to support every hive user who makes posts even if it's only a small part of the upvote to please the users' hearts and they are even more enthusiastic about building the hive community.
Thank you all very much Please support


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