My Rose Blooms Got Fried!

The temperatures here in Northern California have been in the triple digits since last week. Although the potted vegetables are fine, the rose booms were not.

My poor rose blooms. They got fried. Fried Rose Blooms!

The rose blooms aren’t the only parts of the roses affected by the summer heat – the leaves can become sunburn. The sight of brown crispy petals and leaves may make you want to prune them away but don’t. Why?

Firstly, pruning will stimulate new growth that will be even more susceptible to sunburn damage. Secondly, the older branches and leaves will help to shade the growth underneath the sun.

I know that it is very hard not to prune away the brown leaves. However, in August, I shall pull out my pruning shears and prune back my rose bushes by 1/3. This removes the sun-damaged flowers and leaves and stimulates new growth.

I feel sad for the less than stellar appearance of my rose blooms and feel that it’s easier to grow roses in other climates. But, compare that with gardeners in other regions who have to deal with the dreaded Japanese beetle that shows up every summer and eats their roses. Or, people who live in more humid climates and are having to deal with severe cases of blackspot or powdery mildew (white spots on the leaves).

And so, I will ignore my less than beautiful roses this summer, because I know that they will look fantastic this fall 🙂


Source: Noelle Johnson: AZ PLANT LADY®
Horticulturist, Landscape Consultant, Certified Arborist, Speaker, and Garden Writer

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