The Daily Qurator #451


Welcome to the 451st Edition of the Daily Qurator here on Hive! Our team is looking left and right for the awesome posts from all Hive users and are looking forward to feature and curate some great content. Every day we will feature 5 awesome posts picked by our curators.

Qurator's team picks - 18th of June 2021.

Comments by @ackhoo.

Jasper NOW available at NFT Showroom :)
by @mikiad.visuals

"„Faces“ Collection 2021
No. 020

Name: Jasper
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 41

Likes: Cocaine, Money, Hookers, Party, Jewellery
Dislikes: Responsibility, Kids, Paper-Work, Cops, Kanye West"

Wowww...!!! Haha - that's some character! Would you like to meet him? Click on to get to know him better! ;)

Post curated by: @ewkaw

Sky, the difference between a picture and a photo.
by @steelthong

"One of the first things we learn in photography is the importance of light. While light can indeed change the entire appearance of the scenery there is something else that is just as important and can have an even greater impact on the subject matter, especially with landscapes. That little something is sky."

What a showcase of landscapes with the sky playing a big part impressing us all! Check out the post and see the collection @steelthong has for us!

Post curated by: @ackhoo

Flor del desierto / Desert flower
by @berlissanoja

"A few days ago I looked at some Instagram pictures of a photographer I admired, so I decided to take inspiration from one of her pictures to make this artwork. I think her work is beautiful and this drawing is a little tribute to her photographs..."

'It's in the eyes...'
Check out the details that went into this drawing, and the inspiration behind it - something similar, yet different...

Post curated by: @brumest

by @buckaroobaby

"My children love a picnic. They also love special treats. For me, that means healthy. No sugar. No refined or processed. No preservatives. But food must still taste delicious. These muffins are all that."

Healthy yummy muffins, with nuts, lots and lots of nuts! Yummmm... who doesn't like yummy nutty muffins!

Post curated by: @ewkaw

by @maridmc

"Life is a roller coaster of emotions and experiences. Those moments when you feel fulfilled, at peace and in balance... They are priceless!"

Feeling fulfilled and happy ~ nothing compares! 🖤 Check out these emotions in black and white!

Post curated by: @brumest

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