Hanoi Vietnam Street Photography!!

My travels to Asian countries has been few but enough to have made me fall in love in the way these Asian countries operate and enjoy a stress free life, they have a way that always make you feel welcome the people are always full of smiles no matter what the situation or circumstances are, while visiting Hanoi Vietnam a few years back this was made very clear to me just looking at the street life in how people were enjoying themselves over a simply noddle soup made you just want to sit down with them and enjoy a noddle soup, sitting beside them and it is exactly what, I did in my time that, I was there.

The street foods, I found along the streets of Hanoi City was in abundance every corner, every alleyway, every street had vendors cooking up a storm the aromas of them spicy foods, seafood and soups that were been cooked up were just overwhelming and inviting was hard not to eat in this city.





Hanoi city is the capital of Vietnam and with a population of just over 8 million people, I found it to be like one big kitchen in this city you would never starve actually, I came back to Australia weighing a few extra kilos but it was all worth it, I just had to try anything my belly or eyes desired. Hanoi city is not only known for it's delectable cuisine but also for it's vibrant nightlife, silks and handicrafts one city you can pick up many bargains.





No matter where you walked in Hanoi city you were always met with friendly faces, if you wanted your shoes cleaned or polished there would be the shoe cleaner guy waiting for your business by the sidewalk, if you wanted fresh fruits to clench your thirst the fruit street vendor was ready to serve you with a smile, I just loved this city, I felt like a VIP guest.



The open street markets were the best with countless amounts of vendors and the variety of things you could buy not only fruit and veggies but from handbags, jewelry, arts and crafts, silk, clothing and the list just goes on and if they didn't have what you were wanting they would go find it for you that was service with a smile. Love this city and the country there is so much to see and learn about there culture that, I would feel very comfortable living here and exploring the experiences of Vietnam.







Qurator's Photo Quest | Street Photography by @qurator


#wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay

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