The Past, Present and The Future

Hi friends, good to have you here, all thanks to hive for giving us a platform to share our feelings and thought, amazing platform with wonderful people I love you all.

I am not good in telling stories, but let me begin with what mostly all of us especially those that lives in the rural area will call a village life. Growing up in this kind of environment where we have people living very close to each other was a normal life to us. Playing in the same play ground, going the same stream, going the same church too, We choose friends not because they were good but because we were just close to them and because of that we were sharing everything in common, that makes our lives different from those in the urban areas. So because of that we were copping each other easily, we learn both bad and good things together, so we get affected by our friends attitude and that makes our lives a little more complicated.
Although all of us has his/her past experience whether in relationship,family life, marriage, office, career, businesses,

Mine might be different from yours or almost similar to, but we all have a past experienced.

  **Looking at the past**, 

some will say my past is nothing to write about while others will say thank God I didn’t make mistake in doing what I’m doing or choosing the career I’m doing today, marrying the kind of woman/man I’m marrying today, having the kind of friends I have or even doing the kind of job I’m doing today, it's all started from the past.

“No matter how bad your past might have been, don’t forget the present so that you won’t regret your future”.
Talking about the past, I had a friend Stephen and ubong we use to play football together until we get to high school and because we were close friends we decided to attend the same high so we can still be close not knowing how our friendship will end, when we got there I and ubong were in the same class while Stephen was in a different class. Because of this we only met during lunch time, Stephen because if this has a new friend in his new class who introduced him to some of his friends too who later introduced him to drugs, alcohol, clubbing and partying.
So one evening Stephen invited us to his friend birthday party just for us to end up sleeping over night. We were given all kinds of alcohol. We drank bit by bit till we were drunk. That was the beginning of our miserable lifestyle we choose from high school friends. Today I wonder how my life would have been if I was still with them,
But thank God for my parent who through their advice and prayers helped me today .

Still on the past, I had a friend who wanted to teach me how to play Quilter but I was not serious about it, I remember how he used to talk to me to try and learn an instrument then, but I was looking at him then as always trying to make people believe that he's a good boy not knowing that am doing myself, but today am paying money to learn Quilter that I had the opportunity to learn it for free.

  **The present**

My past almost got the greatest part of my life because it was full of miserable experiences and disappointment, when I remember how brilliant I was in my high school and how my parents got gifts for me when I returned home for holidays with a good results.
Although the past started in a wrong way, but I’m correcting the present for the future. I’m in the present today and I believe that every mistakes made in the past can be corrected today, that is why I’m advising everyone today whom might had made mistakes yesterday to look at the beautiful life nature has given us,

by looking at this green leaf and see yourself as beautiful, precious, gorgeous and how wonderful you are, because we are made in the image and the likeness of God.

  **The future** 

For me I value everything I’m doing now,respect the people I’m seeing today, and treat everyone the way I want to be treated because the future has a lot to offer.

Some people are still living in the past while others are living their future in the present, but you know you can’t eat your cake and have it so what ever life you are living, let learn not to make the same mistakes others has made, let us live a good legacy behind and let us make the future generation say we have a good representative in the past.
Thank you for stopping by to read my post.
Some pictures are edited through a friend of mine.

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