Greetings to all my readers, really feeling good to be back after my little vacation on the social space, thanks to the #emotions and #feelings community for all the commitment and energy put together to make this community worth the time.
Today i will be taking my taught around the reasons we loos our childhood dreams which if we had grew it them would massively have places ue in place that is worth it.


Back then i can tell, how much of my dreams, i will wake up to tell my mother, many at times i will tell her, great things i cant imagine the reality. i remember once while she was crying due to the challenging situation that she was going through, when i grow up, i will buy you an aircraft, i will make sure you will never be hungry, The one i can not forget was my dream to become a celebrity, she one day look at me, and said My dear daughter, please hold on to your profession, it will come to pass if you don't give up.

I never would believe that life will give me a new name, in the negative, while i was going through the process, i now realize that life does not give to us what we want, experience will also

When I was a child, I remember telling my mother one day that I will be a celebrity and she said amen, son hold onto it. As I was growing up, I began to see life differently from the way it was when I was a child. When I enter higher institution, it was another thing. I began to feel the pressure of life, things began to happen that I didn't even think my childhood dreams will ever happen. I began to think of living a normal life like everyone else (go to school, graduate, get a job, marry and just raise a family and that's all) but then something inside me just kept reminding me of the statement I made, I never forget those words I said so I kept thinking about it and telling myself if others are celebrities, I can also become one and today, it's becoming a reality.

I know that many persons like me and others, had dreams in the childhood days, many of it was a product of our fantasies, while some was a product of our mind, but as we grew up and as life exposes us to it realities, the dreams start dying due to situations and circumstances but when you carefully look into the lives of people who are fulfilling their dreams, you find out that there were challenges but still they kept pushing against all odds, it was something set right before them and as the moved, they moved with them, they strategize and never loos sight of it, meaning they had the picture right in their mind and they never stop seeing it, the picture letter became a reality.

So much came into my mind as i was writing this post, so i want to ask, can you reflect your mind on your past, can you recall the dreams that you had as a child, that brought about joy, happiness and excitement, can you recall how it came?,
How did you forget it, or what made you forget it?, I know some could be as a result of sickness, pains and other situational challenges, either the fear of no sponsor, guidance and no encouragement to help you focus on the dreams but you can pick it up if you can remember.

Life has always bless us with amazing opportunities, as such there is always another chance to make up to what we missed before in a different way, like i had always wanted to be a celebrity in my field of study. the dreams are still possible if we are determined to go about it.

Please do well to recall what your dream was, and re-strategizes, what you are striving towards now, may be far from your dreams but because of situations and circumstances, also because of what you have seen around you, have altered your dreams, there is still a way out, if you want it. your dream can only end at death, if you are alive and you know that you are still alive, arise and do something now to remedy it. whishing about it alone, will not solve any problem, neither will it change anything, preparation will have to be in place, so that when the opportunity comes, it will marry themselves. that your dream is still possible, in case you had gone far from it, you can make it if you truly want to. there is no time that is worth folding up of hands, start now, you will be amassed, at what will become of your dreams. Thanks for stopping by, do well to drop your comment as you share your experience. once again thanks @jimmyrosy

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