All my life I've always loved anything that would make mye feel happy just like most people but then, there is this feeling I get when I know others are satisfied too. Our world today is turning into something else because now people are no longer interested in what makes other people happy, all we care about is what makes us happy. We keep wishing the best things for ourselves and even when we try to wish the best for others, it is mostly for people that has helped us at a given time in our lives. We literally don't want to have anything to do with some people especially because we see they don't have anything to offer us, financially as most of us are more money conscious.

The struggle we face daily is as a result of our urge to be better than the next person, we hate it when we are always not recognized and someone else is, we feel disappointed when we don't get acknowledged by people while others are being acknowledged. We feel embarrassed when we fail and someone next to us succeeds, so many feelings at every point of our lives and sometimes we feel the safest way out is just to be concerned of how we can be happy and leave others out of the picture, trust me that's the worst solution.

We are humans and we are structured in a way that we cannot do without each other, unsurprisingly, some people now find companion in animals, dummies/dolls and other things but those things are just going to be helpful for sometime. A lot of time people tend to think they do better alone than with people and I totally get it but sadly I don't. I remember there was this time of my life when I thought I don't need anyone to achieve what I wanted and I was proven wrong. At first I felt nice and happy, but after few days I could barely feel anything and trust me that was not a good experience.

Being kind to people is something we find so hard to do, we might see someone on the street sad but we just walk pass, because we are scared of getting harmed, our world feels so unsafe for us and that's still because of how selfish we are becoming as the day goes by. Now we see people do some inhumane things and say they did that because of the love they have for someone even to the point of killing someone else and that's just so wrong and in the end they might also end up murdering the one they claim to love and this would proof that most people don't actually love others, they love themselves so much that they just want to do only the things that pleases them but claim it's their love for others.


Yes, the world is filled with so many bad people but what stops us from being that one good person? Yes I know, it's easier said than done but what effort do you put into making it work? Oh yes I know, you are trying your best or maybe you even do good to others but why are you more focused on doing good to only those that are good to you? Is it really that hard to do good to someone that you won't get anything in return from? Trust me it isn't. We shouldn't be expecting something in return for being kind to people, we should learn to help people just to make them happy, if they feel like appreciating you for it, good but if not, you shouldn't take it so seriously and still help out when you can if they come again. We should love others just as we love ourselves and that also means we should learn how to love ourselves right.

We keep complaining about the same thing over and over, I think it is time to change the narrative and see what happens next. Love people even when you know they don't love you, help them even when they refused to help you when you needed them, that way you also teach them how to do it right. It's not easy, as a friend said, it is scary to do all of these things but we should face it so we can overcome that fear. I'm more guilty than you are when it comes to all of these things I've mentioned here and I'm reminding myself once again of what the right thing is to do and I will keep trying to get it right, I hope you do too.

Until next time, stay AWESOME!!!

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