Satisfaction - A giver of peace.

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I remain this humble soul who is always ready to appreciate my existence on the surface, once we realize that staying alive is never by our power or might then we know that all we have to do in life is to thank God for his mercy and grace over us.

What is satisfaction?

Satisfaction to me is similar to contentment. Being content is one of the best ways to have peace of mind. Many times people run a race against their pace. Only if they could have patience and be satisfied with what comes their way.

I am not saying that people should mix up satisfaction with laziness. To be satisfied we have to work towards our goals and have targets too. But laziness on the other hand is waiting and anticipating progress without taking any steps towards accomplishing them.

5 things that got me satisfied.

Life satisfaction

One thing I am always grateful for is my life. Waking up each day and having my soul and body working perfectly fine is one thing to be satisfied with. Many slept just like I did but could not get satisfactory sleep and waking up to life was another story to them entirely. I am grateful for life and the freedom to live.
I don’t know how much more I have to live but it’s always a pleasure to wake up and see each day pass by. I am satisfied with my way of life.

Family satisfaction

I am not born into a rich family or a poor family. But we are always happy around each other. Everything cannot remain sweet forever yet I am happy to always be around them. Having a complete family is something satisfying and I hope we continue to remain satisfied with our lives as long as we continue to live together.

Financial satisfaction

My financial life is not yet stable. That won’t be a reason for me to put myself under pressure. I am satisfied with the little amount that comes from my work. I am also hoping and wishing for more but that doesn’t mean I should get greedy about the ones I have.

Our country is presently in a financial mess and we are finding it hard to even withdraw money. We are most times left with the option of a cashless policy but even the cashless policy isn’t working fine.

It’s been a while now since I had our country’s currency with me. But I am still satisfied with my present financial situation. It’s not easy going about without money, you can’t get to buy what you need when you need them, and you can’t even move freely when desired. Many people rant and complain about it but those complaints never brought a solution to the situation.

Being satisfied made me realize that this is just a phase of my life I have to live and with time hopefully, everything is going to work out perfectly fine again.

Goals satisfaction

I fear not a man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times.
— Bruce Lee

I am not the type to aim at so many goals and later end up not getting anything. I prefer targeting a particular goal and hitting the target. Only self-satisfaction can make one have the mindset to hit a particular goal. Jealousy, greediness, and envy could lead one astray from a particular goal.

Time satisfaction

It is said that time is money. Yeah, one thing I fear the most is time. We can’t turn back the hands of time no matter how hard we try. So this made me so conscious of how I spend my time. Once it gets wasted then it’s gone forever. So I appreciate my time and I am satisfied with the way I utilize it. Brought me not so much regret.


The best way to have peace of mind is to be satisfied with what comes our way. Our efforts, time, personal life, and experience. With that, we can live a life filled with peace ✌️.

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