RESENTMENT: A business without profit.

Good day to you all

I remain this humble soul who is always ready to appreciate my existence on the surface, once we realize that staying alive is never by our power or might then we know that all we have to do in life is to thank God for his mercy and grace over us.


Resentment to me is a taker of joy and looter of peace… Being resentful is a business that has no profit at the end of it. So why go into a business when you know the end product is lost and nothing useful?

There are many reasons to remain resentful towards people around us, many times we get resentful towards ourselves too. Maybe due to some actions we have indulged in and brought us nothing but regrets at the end of it all.

Self Resentment

Many times I feel bad about myself for doing things I shouldn’t have done. I feel regretful for my actions and reactions. Many times when I think I did it right but at the end of it all I was wrong about it.

I find it difficult to get inner peace ✌️ and find a way to make sure I sort things out for the better. I know we are all bound to make mistakes in life and that’s sure. But how much more can you handle the aftermath of such mistakes? Are you going to regret it that much or just get through it?

Causes of self resentment

Trying to please others: Many times we try to make others feel happy being around us, we don’t want them to feel rejected and regretful about us. So most times we give our best to please others. But humans in our nature at times might feel we haven’t done enough for them. They might not appreciate all the efforts shown to them, which would make us feel bitter about our actions and reactions. Despite giving our best, it wasn’t worth it to them.

Shame: There are times when we feel shameful of ourselves and feel hatred towards who we are. We might be the cause of such shame and it could come from others. But being shameful of who we are is one way to activate self-resentment.

Environmental Impact: Our environment matters, sometimes we find ourselves in places we never want to be. Places that make us feel weak and uncomfortable. Most times they are non-intentional. We finally get to hate ourselves for finding our path toward such a place.

Depression: Depression is one of the major causes of self-resentment. It is the taker of joy and happiness. If we allow depression to get so deep into our lives then there is no way we won’t hate ourselves for such a life we have. Feeling depressed is something common, especially in this generation where there is a load of pressure on everyone. Only if we could figure out a way to overcome it and not give self-hatred a chance.

Lack of understanding: At times when we bypass information through communication, we tend to misunderstand each other either from the receiver side or the sender side. This bypassing might leave a great impact on the receiving side most times negatively. Which would make the receiving end feel hatred towards themselves for going into such an action.

How to deal with self resentment

Identify your feelings

Feelings come at us and vary from time to time. It’s best for us as humans to identify our feelings and know how to handle them. When we are angry we should know what to utter and make sure we don’t hurt others' feelings. And also our actions during those times should be considered because there is always a consequence. When one is angry the energy to do and undo things would be there. But after it subsided then we began be see a clear picture of what we have done.

Talk to yourself

This might not always be the case, but it’s good that one talks to himself or herself. When we feel resentful of ourselves, we should try to forgive and forget about those happenings and learn to move on. Talking to one’s self could be a way out.


We should learn to reflect on our actions. The good ones are to be advanced while the bad ones are to be set aside.

Spend time with positive people

Your circle matters a lot. Who are those you spend your time with? Are they people who impact you positively? Or they are just there to add more to your negative thoughts and keep you hating yourself always. Move with people who are optimistic about their way of life.


Resentment might look nice on the surface but beneath it has no benefit to us. It kills happiness and reduces positivity.

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