OPTIMISM: My true life story!

Many times life would keep teaching us different lessons. It might throw them at us as happiness and there are times it makes us sad. The important thing is to always grab the lessons of life as it throws them at us.

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And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.

Haruki Murakami

We can’t say our life is just as smooth as anything.. that must have been a big lie. Even those given birth to with the golden spoon in their mouth must have someday passed through tough times, if not, that generational wealth won’t be theirs.


My story…

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I wasn’t born in a wealthy home nor am I from a poor home. I would say an average or middle class is okay. Our days in elementary school have been the best for us so far. I love the vibes and everything our parents did for us. Right from escorting us down to school with an umbrella under the rain and back home under the scorching sun. Till we were old enough to find our way back home ourselves.

I remember a day when I had my nursery graduation ceremony, mum was by my side in the picture 😉. She was much taller than I am then. But now, I am the taller one 😂. All her prayers then must be to see me grow older and become someone great in life…

I thought life was easy since I got to scale through those childhood days so easily. I felt that was what life would look like till the very end.

I knew the present stage is always the toughest but I still had hope that the future would be a lot easier when I grow older.. because it’s all about dreams and imagination then…

Days passed by!!

As I grew older I began to realize the difficulties of life. Things never went as smoothly as it was from the onset anymore. I felt like must have failed us in some way or the other. But we still have to move on… I have to!

After secondary school, I had to go into teaching as a hustle to support my entry into a higher institution. Every day was another stressful day for me. I felt I was too young to start with those hustles without knowing it was just an ordinary foundation 😫.
I did that for about three years plus still seeking admission but it wasn’t as easy as I expected. I prayed for grace and good luck but none came in my favor then.

It got to a stage when I wrote on my Facebook page that;


😂 😂 😂 I can smile now, but then I was terrified.

I was about to write my fourth entrance examination but still had myself as a primary school teacher. My uncle called one day and said to me;

What’s with this teaching of yours? Is that what would get you into the university?

I felt bad about his words

Then he ended his statement with;

Take a look at your mates, they are already in the institution, and here you are thinking you made it in life…

And his last sentences were engraved into the deepest part of my heart. It was like I was thrown a spear and it pierced through me.

That very night I was unable to sleep as I kept on thinking about why he must have said so.
I promised myself to do better but I knew there is nothing I can do only if that was what God planned for me.

Time passed by…

I sat for my entrance examination and it was still okay to some extent. Something funny happened to me that very time. Out of all of us who went for the examination together, I was the only one who didn’t get to see his results.

I knew I already failed myself again that year. But at least I should see what I got. The result was to be out after 24 hours but I never saw mine after 72 hours. My mind wasn't at rest. Not until the fourth day did I get a message about my result. To my greatest surprise, I was the only one who passed the cut-off mark for admission among those of us that went together.
I was so happy!

I patiently waited for the time to come. “I hope I get admitted to becoming my everyday prayer point!”

Few weeks after the release. I got a message on my mum’s device then. It was my admission message!

Wow!!! Wow! 🤩

I was overwhelmed with joy.
I did my admission process and was finally admitted into the university of my choice. My dream university.
I realized that in life, everyone has their own time.
If you keep working towards your dreams you will surely get there someday…

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Getting admission was another stepping stone for me. But I had to face another battle after getting in. 😆. That was when I realized more about life!!

One has to experience what they have learned and walk their own path — Because good things don’t come EASY!!

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