Application for the membership tag in the emotions and feelings community.

Our emotions matter a lot in our daily lives. There is this saying that health is wealth and our health also depends on our emotions. Bad emotions lead to bad health and happy feelings and emotions lead to great health.

Having a lot to say is incomparable to having people listen to you and give you feedback. Conversation and communication can never be one-sided, it has to take into consideration both parties the sender and the receiver. When these two are present then effective communication is made.

This goes the same way for bloggers. You can blog all you want or even vlog it on different channels but once you lack subscribers or people to listen to you, you are not doing fine. It's just like a class with the teacher alone and no students.

First of all, INTRODUCTION

I am Adeleye Abdulqudus, an agriculturist by profession. I live in Nigeria and I am a writer who is in love with nature and cryptocurrency. I believe in a better world together. You can get to know more about me in my Introductory post to hive.

My introduction: The homeless bee found a home called HIVE…

My appreciation

I am appreciating the emotion and feelings community. For giving the members the avenue to communicate effectively. You have your blogs and surely you have people read them and react. Interactions is another thing I am appreciating in the community.

My commitment.

Hive is a great place to be. You can’t be everywhere at the same time. That's why it's better to sit back and think of what you are good at, then make yourself available and responsible in those aspects.

More of the reason why we have various communities with different niches. There was a time I started writing fictional stories. I felt I wasn’t meeting up with the standard and even though its giving me a though time, the earlier the better. I studied those aspects I am good at and then focused more on them. It has been working fine for me since then.

I discovered my niche to be free writing, non-fiction, contest write-ups, and creativity. So I focused more. This is what led my path to the emotion and feelings community, and I am grateful to be here.

Having told my story of how I wandered and stumbled across this community, there is a lot to be done to prove that commitment.

A few weeks back I read the Membership article, how to go about it, and the requirements. I felt it shouldn’t be something hard to do but I knew I never met the requirements. I needed more effort. So this got me to publish some more and added more attention to the community following up with the rules and regulations.

With time I realized I am ripe enough to be a member of the community and, I will be sharing some of my publications and the reasons behind them.

My Achievements

If I should remember clearly my first publication here in the community was in December 2022.

Feeling Loved week 2 dreemer of the year challenge This was my first entry into the community. It was a challenge by the dreemport. I had to look for a community that suits the content, then I felt using emotions and feelings would work best. And the write-up entails 907 words.

OPTIMISM: My true life storyThis should count as my second post in the community but the first using the correct titling (specifying the feelings and emotions first before the content). That was my first participation in the monthly theme in the community. It was based on optimism.

Emotional love and care: Lost in the woods Here is another write-up of mine in response to a contest about love and care. We were given some photos to write on. And I chose an amazing one in which I told a story about a lost lamb and also a poem about life.

ENTHUSIASM: The feeling of happinessThis is another entry into the monthly theme for January, and it's all about Enthusiasm.

HUGS: Spreading hugs across the globeHere is another article I authored. It was in response to world hugs day. I loved this write-up because we had to express our feelings about hugs, and the warmth and peace it gives.

INVISIBLE: I am who I am. This is a write-up in response to the participation in the dreemwotw contest and the theme was invisible. I thought of using the community to express my feeling and emotions in line with the contest.

ENTHUSIASM: The moments of celebration Another wrote from me in response to the theme of January. It was all about enthusiasm. Being enthusiastic is those feeling when you get to hit success and it calls for celebration. I shared a few of my experiences.

DEPRESSION: Try checking on people closer to you. An article on depression. A lot of people around us are depressed but they won't tell us. Many times it is always cool to check out people around us.)

RESENTMENT: A business without profitThis was my response to the February theme with the title resentment. I detailed here on self resentment and how to deal with self-resentment.

JOY: Things that give me joy. Here is a personal write-up about Joy. Joy is something everyone wants and wishes for. I wrote this article based on things that give me joy and make my life worthwhile.

SATISFACTION: A giver of peace Here is another content in response to the theme of March which is satisfaction. We derive satisfaction from different things. I wrote about five things that got me satisfied.

LOVE: The feeling of togetherness This is another content about Love. It's all about types of love and reason to love.

My dedication

With my application I will pledge to dedicate my time to the platform’s progress. What are the things I will do to contribute to the platform?


I have been a writer on the platform and I think I should keep doing better. I promise to write at least two articles per week in the community.


As I said there are a lot of aspects on hive where you can engage. And most times the most difficult thing is to keep engaging with people. I have been engaging as much as I could in the community. But now if I am granted the membership role I will make sure I have a stable comment section responding to all comments on my posts and also comment on at least three authors' contents for a start and get in an increase as time goes on.


I don't have much voting power. But I will also try my best to support writers with the little I have.

Monthly themes and contests.

While I keep a look at what’s going on in the community all day. I will make sure to participate in the monthly themes of the community with at least one write-up per theme. And also make sure I participate in contests too.


I am trying to build up my hp at the moment. But I hope with time as I grow I will delegate a minimum of 50hp to the community.


I humbly request the membership role from the community and I promise to work hard and relentlessly toward achieving my goals in the community. It will be of utmost pleasure to have my request granted.

Thank you so much

HEADER IMAGE: By Geralt on Pixabay and edited canva app

Other images are my screenshot from Peakd frontend

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