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I wonder why we keep missing people in our lives, especially when they are distant from us or no longer with us anymore. I believe there is something that got us tougher. There are a lot of people out there whose absence doesn’t even have an impact on us or even miss them while they are gone.

There are times when we see people come together for so long, build a great relationship among themselves, and also aim to grow older together. This is not something so common. There must be something behind it.


Love is a word but has a lot more than four-letter words. Love is not something we can buy or force out of people. but it’s something we have to build. It’s something we have to earn.

There are different kinds of love and different ways to be loved. Likewise, I can also say there are levels at which love could be expressed.

Parental love

There is this love and bond between some creatures that can not be gotten elsewhere and that is what I call parental love. The relationship between parents and their children is nowhere to be found. Just so in animals too.

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This love grows from childhood when the child gets to familiarize themselves with people and the first people they see often are their parents. Another important thing is the way they care for and nurture them. Anyone who could do this deserves to be loved.

Parental love makes a child successful because of the comfort, acceptance, and support they get from their parents. A kiss on the forehead, a warm hug, compliments, and encouragement are driving forces a child could get to make better moves in life.

This love from parents to children should be reciprocated when the parents get old. This is where most children make a lot of mistakes. They tend to forget the care and support they got when they were powerless and helpless. Our parents need that love and affection from us when they get older and despite that their love for us remains unlimited.

Sibling; Brotherhood/ Sisterhood love

This is love by blood, this love tends to be the next after parental love. These are the set of people we grew up with and together we call ourselves family. There is this meme I saw on the media that says, friendship from the word friend has “end” as the last three words, and family has “ily” as the last three words in which the ily means “ I Love You”.

Love from friendship

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There are times we also meet with people from places and naturally there is this bond that keeps us together, over time we get used to each other and become so close that a little distance will make us feel the absence of each other. Friendship might come from neighborhoods, classmates, childhood relationships, business partners, and many more.

Couple’s love

This is one love that is also rare to get but once you make the right choice then you grab yourself the best deal forever. Most times this kind of love is known as “love till death” but at times it doesn’t end that way anymore. Lack of love from the beginning of their journey is what leads to the disagreement between the two parties thereby leading to a great clash among them.

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But when there is true love, and not a relationship based on one reason or the other, that's when you see them grow together no matter how old they are.

In conclusion

Love is cool, and love is great. But genuine love is what keeps us together as one.

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