Invisible: I am who I am…

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I am invisible

Many times life throws a lot at us and we at times find ourselves in a lot of pains. But one thing is certain, the pain only lasts while it can. After the pain is over, it becomes invisible.

Staying invisible is the next action to swing to. There are times we just have to remain free from things that we realize could be of great harm to us. Standing out strong! 💪 .

I am invisible because I have related to a lot of people in my life, friends, and foes. Many want to see my downfall so they can laugh while staring at me but they never knew the power of invisibility will never make the picture clear to them. They keep watching till they get tired and end up in wonder.

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Life has taught me a lot, some closest friends turned sworn enemies and enemies turned out to be best of friends.
No matter what it takes I would remain visible to those who need me and invisible to the ones who don't need it.

I am invincible

I will never agree to be defeated in life. No matter the obstacles that come my way. I have no reason to settle for less because I am invincible.
Battle lines are drawn and there is no going back. It has to be faced without fear.

Emerging a winner is the deal. It might look so rough and confusing at the beginning but the end matters most. The impact must be felt, the reality must be seen, and the energy must be made.

I am unstoppable

I keep moving, I set the pace. I live in it and I will always see it till the end. I might feel down and tired, that’s normal. The beginning is never the end and the end is just a new beginning.

I am powerful

They tried to put me down, but the power in me kept resurrecting. I have the inner strength, and I pray to see possibilities happening. I love who I am.

I am confident — the inspiration.

Most times when I feel alone and dwell in the past, I am always grateful for who I am and what the future holds for me. It might look invisible to me, but I believe there is nothing to fear.

No one would listen to your stories until you are successful. When you become successful, your story becomes a biography and your signature becomes an autograph. There is always a sad story behind every progress.

There is no glory without a story and no victory without a history.


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