Feeling loved 🥰! Week 2 dreemer of the year challenge.

What do you think about life?

Most times I realize that life is just a place where we dwell without knowing what we do, or what we would do next. Most times I think about life in the sense that I ask myself questions like “Why am I here in this strange world?” “Why am I called a name and yet I have to answer it?”

Most times I find myself doing things, then I feel I am just who I am.

Life is cool but another question would always pop up in my mind: why do a newly born child have to cry out loud for coming into this world of ours? And why does one have to leave this world again despite all their achievements in life?

What’s the essence of living??


There is one simple answer to that and the answer is LOVE ❤️! With love, I feel our world could become a better place.

And yeah. What made the infant stop crying after realizing they had left the world they were in before into this strange world? They must have felt something that could convince them to stay, and what is that thing called? LOVE ❤️..

What has made us cry so dearly over a dead person who has no use for us anymore? What has made us reminisce about the old times we must have had together? What must have made us feel like not letting them go into the other world again different from ours? The answer remains the same and that’s the power of LOVE ❤️.

What is LOVE ❤️?

Love means when we are deeply committed or connected to something or someone.

I won’t be digging deep into what love is all about when it comes to talking about loving someone. I would be discussing more on love towards something.

Love of humanity

Most times we get to have these human feelings and that’s natural. There is a saying that “blood is thicker than water” which translates to that family loves being much more appreciated than ordinary people. But most times the reverse might be the case! Where the bond of love between ordinary people we meet in life would get to be much better than those we call our families.

Love with commitment

We all have things we do and gradually we begin to build our love toward such things. It might be our occupation, our hobbies, or even our way of life. We get stuck to these ways of life and we realize that we are committed to those things.

Hive as a case study

Hive has become a commitment to many authors here in this space which is one reason why we keep up with our activities.

There was a time in my life when I knew nothing about the hive platform, I got committed to something else and felt that was all. But the very time I got to realize the existence of hive I felt it was so hard, I had to make my way out with the excuse of it being so tedious.

The day I lost my account was when I realized the true value of what I must have lost! I got down for days that I couldn’t think straight of what to do next. I had lost my followers, my tokens, and my content just to start over again.

That day I realized the fact that we can’t value what we have not until we lose it. I started all over again and yet I knew I was still committed to hive compared to my newly created account. With time, I got myself building it up, and seeing my account grow each day makes me feel so happy. I realized commitment is something that gets our hearts attached to things we never thought we can be better at.

What has love turned me into?


At times love makes us go crazy and that is why people tag it differently. Some would say love is sweet, while to others love is sour, to some people love is pain and it is growth to others.

Yeah, like I have said about my commitment to the hive and I was able to come back to some level again. I know I would do better because it has also made me passionate about my timing and also improved my skills.

One thing I would always love to do.

My reason for being here on hive is to engage with people, make connections and create happiness. But still having something to learn is another method of sharing love.


I would love to make use of my time to spread knowledge to others. This is one reason why I love teaching. Not only spreading knowledge, but the secret behind passing knowledge across to others is also that you would always learn more. There is no way you have to teach and still forget.

If I could do only one thing in my life and that one thing is passing knowledge across to others. It might not necessarily be teaching in class but passing knowledge has been a way of sharing what I was bestowed upon to those in need of it...

It’s my pleasure to display this great badge from dreemport for being a comment maker on the platform. I appreciate it...


Yours love ❤️

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