QURATOR TASTY TUESDAY- Rice-illicious Season 2 Cookoff

Perhaps it's already late entry. Today is Sunday here in Saudi Arabia.

My Recipe is about Plain Rice Cake.

I have no rice flour and the Asian Store here in my place was already closed. I need to travel far if I need to buy one so I decided to process an ordinary rice and powdered it by a Moulinex Blender. I just try it for @qurator Rice-licious Competition.

A native Filipino Desserts from the province of my country. It is literally called Putong Bigas a rice cake.


2 cups ordinary rice( powdered)
I glass of white sugar
1 1/2 cups water (coconut milk) optional
1/2 flour


1)Soaked the powdered rice for 24hours
2)Removed the water with the soaking procedure.

  1. Add the sugar to the glass of water or coconut milk. Finely dissolved the sugar.
  2. Add the yeast powder.
  3. Add the flour and the wet rice flour.
  4. Mix it well and stirring one way round.
  5. Keep it in a room temperature until double the quantity size.

Put it in a molding cups and steam forv15 minutes.

The molding cups supposed to be with banana leaves on the bottom part but we have no banana leaves in Saudi Arabia.

Look at the texture, it has big difference when using flour. I'm also making flour steam cake.

It's not the perfect way on how to make a perfect one. I'm just making experiment for my @qurator Rice-licious competition.
To be honest, it tastes so delicious.

Thank you @qurator.

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