Road to 1,000 Missions and Buying 12 Packs


What's up, Juan and Star mates! Long time, no blog. I just want to update you about my journey in Rising Star. I have two goals for this month. That is, to achieve 1,000 Missions and purchase 12 packs.

I accomplished another achievement playing Rising Star. I completed 900 missions and got a reward of 900 Starbits.

I just have to perform 64 Missions to attain 1,000 Missions and receive a Free Random card pack.


I am now at Level 46 and I still need 1,963 XP to reach Level 47.


I unlocked another missions in Local Gig Circuit by reaching Level 45, which is Acoustic Rent.


I already performed 13 Local Festival Acoustic Tent and I will continue doing it, because it gives me higher Starbits than any other missions.


My another goal is to buy 12 packs. I already traded my Starbits to Swap.hive. I have some Hive that I have earned from making content, but I still need 1.631 Hive to complete the purchase. I am so excited to open 12 packs and I hope I can have an Epic or Legendary. (Rising Star Gods, maybe you could help me) Haha 😅

This is the end of my post and may the odds be on my favor as I open my packs. Thank you and have a nice day. Till next time 👋👋👋

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