1up - A new token to reward players

It's not the first and it won't be the last, there are several other tribes and several other tokens that already reward players, both online games like SPT for Splinterlands players and DUNK for basketball lovers (if I'm not mistaken).

But I believe that in addition to just the materiality of the token, we should also look at the team behind it (which we learned is a very important point).

And @flauwy is one of the creators of the token (correct me if I'm wrong), and also the operator of the @monster-curator curator account who has proven to be a great curator for steemmonster lovers.

In addition to having developed their own 1up.zone frontend, they also offered, in addition to the common reward of authoring and curating like every tribe, different types of airdrop for those who interact with the community. So for those who like games it's a good indication of a tribe that is starting.

Like every new tribe, I believe that during these first few weeks we will be able to measure the price of the token as much as we understand the space it wants to occupy in the ecosystem and how prosperous it will be.

Again scoring, the team behind the project has a high trust profile, which brings more credibility to the token. And as a way of helping to spread the word about the community and my voting power being relevant at the moment only in the PoB, I'm going to curate some posts that are in the proofofbrain tribe about the 1UP token.

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